Wooden Boats

Some of the most difficult boats to get rid of are wooden boats. When people have older wooden boats they find it nearly impossible to sell them. Many marinas will not lift an older wooden boat up on a travel lift or even help load it on a trailer. Because so many older boats develop wood rot it is risky for a marina to even attempt to move a wooden boats.
When the wooden boat is under twenty feet long and on a trailer the process is simpler.
Call boat angel at 800 700 BOAT and find out why we are the expert in processing donated wooden boats.
Here are some of the brands we have handled. 1960 Chris Craft Cabin Boats, 1970 Egg Harbor Cabin Boats, 1950 Century Run Abouts. 40 Foot Wooden Sloops.
At Boat Angel Donation Center we are open to the challenge of helping you process your wooden boat quickly and we are committed to helping you get the best tax writeoff for your boat.

Buy that Donated

Sail into the Sunset

The average price of a new boat is around $25,000. The biggest advantage the buyer of a charity boat enjoys is the price. Boat Angel does its best to provide accurate information and current pictures of the boats. We'll let you know what type of documentation we have on the boat so you can easily transfer it in your state.

The bidding is done in increments. Most of our boats start at a relatively low threshold, around ten dollars, and bidders drive them up over a seven to ten day period. The last bidder wins. Remember, you are responsible for your bids.

You are expected to pickup your item within seven days of the successful bidding. We will disclose the pickup location to the winning bidder immediately after the financial transaction has been completed. We have a seven-day return policy for misrepresentation.

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